How to improve company culture for hybrid teams?


Many businesses are still cautious about pushing in-office roles onto workers. The majority of Gen Z and millennial workers have reported that they would consider looking for new work if they were forced to come into the office five days a week.

With this in mind, many businesses have found a happy medium through offering hybrid roles. Despite this, hybrid working roles need to continue to make an effort to build a strong company culture for all of their workers. Having a hybrid structure can risk some workers becoming disconnected from the business and therefore losing loyalty and motivation.

Therefore, on the days when employees do come into the office, there are a few methods businesses can put in place to help keep their employees engaged with the business.

  1. Celebrate worker's achievements

A useful method to boost morale and create a sense of company culture is to organise a regular mini-social that celebrates your team’s achievements. Whether this involves taking your team out for a round of drinks or buying the worker of the week a free lunch, there a various ways to do this at different levels of budget.

  1. Enhance the office with in-work benefits

Help employees look forward to their in-office days by offering office perks such as free breakfast, casual dress days, care packages or even simply the choice of where to sit. Make sure that all employees are greeted on their way in and out to help them feel appreciated and part of the team.

  1. Collaborate with your team on in-office days

It is important to take advantage of the days when your team are working in the office. You need to be utilising these in-office days as the perfect opportunity to schedule team meetings or any other collaborative activity. Training sessions are also best to take place during in-office days.

  1. Organise office socials

Office socials tend to be a huge part of many workers' social lives. More and more workers are looking for fun ways to relax at the end of their working week with their colleagues. As a business, you should be encouraging office socials to boost team spirit, bringing the team closer together and therefore encouraging workers to still come into the office to see their colleagues.

How do employers effectively improve company culture for hybrid teams?

Overall, creating a successful company culture stems from prioritising and making the most out of in-office days. Therefore, on the days when employees do come into the office, the right methods need to be implemented to focus on employee wellbeing and satisfaction. 

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Posted by: Branwell Ford