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Maria Coombe
"Hayley at BranWell Ford was very accommodating from the beginning of our recruitment process and clearly has a thorough understanding of her market place. She was very helpful in managing the process and keeping momentum throughout and understood well the type of candidate we were hoping to attract. Hayley represented both us and the candidates with integrity and I would highly recommend her and BranWell Ford to clients and candidates alike."
Client Author
Test Role
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Martine McKenzie
DB Pensions Administrator.
I would like to recommend BranWell Ford, they were wonderful in helping me to secure my latest position. They explained what was expected from the job, kept me informed throughout and even sat on the end of the phone giving me directions when I got lost on my interview. I am very happy to have used the company.
Laura Darwen
I spoke with Hayley early in my new job search. It was a little bit daunting to be looking for a new role but Hayley was super supportive and helpful. She took the time to get to know me, helping me work out the best roles to apply for. Both Hayley and Amelia were very knowledgable and helped me to refine my CV and checked in before and after interviews. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hayley and Amelia to anyone looking for a new role.
Candidate Client