Top Leadership Trends for 2024

Successful leadership in today's rapidly evolving business landscape requires adapting to emerging global shifts influencing strategic priorities. As technological capabilities accelerate and societal views on corporate ethics transform, executives must lead with vision, empathy and adaptability more than ever. Staying competitive demands proactively upskilling management capabilities around the top leadership trends set to shape organisational success in the years ahead.

How to Ensure Offboarding Goes Smoothly

A lot of people understand the importance of onboarding, but many forget about offboarding.

How to Demonstrate Your Leadership When Working as an Individual

Leadership is a key part of building a successful career, but not everyone is in a leadership role.

The Power of Employee Recognition

By recognising and rewarding employees for their achievements and hard work you can boost morale and motivation among employees, in return retaining the best talent within your organisation.

Navigating Mental Health in the Legal Industry: Strategies for a Balanced Work-Life

The demands of legal work can often lead to stress and burnout, impacting mental well-being.

How can employers prevent their workers from quiet quitting?

Across the UK, there has been a drop in the number of job vacancies. This means that there is currently a higher demand for job roles than there are job roles available. Data suggests that hiring has dropped by over 20% in the last year in the UK. Meanwhile, there is a huge surge in job search activity, suggesting that many workers are unhappy in their current roles and looking for something new.

How can counter offers assist in retaining key staff?

Four out of ten employers are ending up having to propose counter-offers in an attempt to keep hold of key members of staff.

How to Support Employees' Mental Health as a Manager

A lot of employees are facing uncertainty at the moment, and this can lead to anxiety in the workplace. COVID-19, the rising cost of living and struggling businesses are all impacting the mental health of employees, regardless of the industry.

Wiping Out Tech-Shaming in the Workplace

Many businesses operate with a vastly mixed generation workforce, meaning that the challenges faced on a daily basis, when it comes to technology, are many and varied. Inevitably, this had led to so-called ‘tech-shaming’.

The Difference Between Good Stress and Bad Stress

Stress actually has a purpose, and sometimes we need some of it in our lives.

Nearly half of UK Businesses Consider Closure Due to Energy Crisis

The current energy crisis continues to wreak havoc here in the UK, with both consumers and businesses citing the rise in fuel costs as the reason why they’re struggling to make ends meet.

How to Help Employees Avoid Burnout

Burnout is caused by chronic and long term stress, which leads you feeling short of energy mentally, emotionally and physically. It can leave you feeling hopeless, isolated and without anywhere to turn for help.

Quiet quitting & loud quitting - How to avoid both

Quiet quitting involves leaving the job without causing a scene or drawing attention to oneself. Typically, a quite quitter has already mentally quit many months before handing in their notice and has been doing just enough to get by and keep their manager satisfied.

The pro’s and con’s of applying direct to a job vs through a recruiter

Applying for a job can be a complex and challenging process. While there are several ways to go about it, applying directly through a company's website or online portal is not always the best option.

The Role of Legal Leaders The Rapidly Changing Legal Landscape

Life in the legal sector is always adapting and evolving, but the recent changes we’ve seen have been nothing if not unprecedented. In the wake of the global pandemic, the ‘Great Resignation’ has seen huge disruptions to the way that many legal firms have been working- and being flexible is now more crucial than ever. It’s time to take action, to keep up with this new way of working.
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