The Power of Employee Recognition


Despite the corporate landscape constantly evolving and new trends arising, there is one method that will always continue to please and retain good staff members: employee recognition. By recognising and rewarding employees for their achievements and hard work you can boost morale and motivation among employees, in return retaining the best talent within your organisation.

Recognition within an organisation positively defines the character of the company internally. Unfortunately, many organisations do not optimise the opportunity to offer their employees the recognition they deserve and as a result, they suffer the loss of great employees who do not feel satisfied with the company for not appreciating their value. It is so important to thank your employees for their hard work and acknowledge the effort they put into the business.

True recognition within a business will need the harmony of technology as well as emotional intelligence. Whilst technology is an excellent tool to utilise for recognition, it is essential that the business does not lose the personal touch. Research has found that metrics from new and emerging recognition platforms can show patterns and insights, helping in refining such strategies.

What should be noted is that appreciation of employees needs to come fast, if not immediately, especially in dynamic environments where quick acknowledgement can help to ensure that such behaviours continue for the success of the business.

Studies have found that businesses more than ever need to provide their employees with meaningful support because workers are now looking further than just their salary. Such gestures of recognition can help boost employee morale and keep them loyal to the business, and satisfied.

Bear in mind that implementing employee recognition strategies should go beyond simple token gestures. Employee recognition should come from your business's core values and should be used with a balance of empathy as well as technology. Recognition will therefore lead to employee loyalty because staff will feel support from the business.

How to drive transformational employee recognition in your business?

Firstly, it is important that your recognition schemes are rooted in your business's mission and values. By rooting recognition schemes into your company’s values you can help to offer your employees a sense of purpose within the business, which will in return support the success of the business.

In addition, it would be useful to develop a company culture whereby recognition is an everyday occurrence, but still feels completely genuine, because it is! By empowering your employees each day you will see the rewards in the success of the business.

Finally, it is vital that your business uses timely appreciation, by offering recognition to your employees in real-time or as close to the scenario as possible. Immediate recognition will help the impact stay relevant, affirming the employee’s contributions when they truly matter.

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Posted by: Branwell Ford