Why Employers Are Favouring a Nine-Day Fortnight Over a Four-Day Week


Having surveyed 3,483 employers in the UK, the research found that 68% of professionals would consider switching to another employer if they were offering a nine-day fortnight. This typically means having a compressed work pattern, with employees having one day off every two weeks. For those aged between 20 and 29, this figure rose to 72%.

The Growing Popularity of a Nine-Day Fortnight

Though a lot of employers are in favour of a nine-day fortnight, this is most prevalent amongst micro-organisations, with 37% having already implemented, or considering implementing, this way of working. Organisations with over 1,000 employers are also in favour, but with slightly less popularity of 32%.

Employees Are Seeking Flexible Working Options

Recently, the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill reached its third reading at the House of Lords. Under this bill, employees will be able to request changes to their working hours, location and hours from the first day of employment. At the moment, this is not the case, and many employees have to wait a significant amount of time before being given this option. It’s something that 49% of workers in the UK would consider doing, according to Timewise.

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