How can employers prevent their workers from quiet quitting?


Across the UK, there has been a drop in the number of job vacancies. This means that there is currently a higher demand for job roles than there are job roles available. Data suggests that hiring has dropped by over 20% in the last year in the UK. Meanwhile, there is a huge surge in job search activity, suggesting that many workers are unhappy in their current roles and looking for something new.

With many workers wanting to quit their current roles, but not being able to due to a slowdown in hiring, they are now stuck in their current positions until they can find other work. As a result, this causes them to quiet quit instead.

Research suggests that nearly 60% of over 120,000 workers around the world are currently not engaged with their current roles.

One of the main reasons that employees do not feel satisfied and engaged with their roles is the stagnant wage growth has meant more workers are dissatisfied with their salaries.

If a worker feels that their wages are not reaching their level of work ethic then they will eventually quiet quit, and lose motivation. They simply stay in their job role due to the lack of choice they have.

Quiet quitting involves the employee doing the bare minimum to fulfil the role. This causes a loss in productivity within a company, and as a result, the business could suffer massively from loss of work.

Sometimes quiet quitting can come down to the fault of the employer, who hasn’t offered enough personal investment into the worker. Regardless of employees not having as much choice of roles elsewhere, employers still need to be putting in efforts to engage and motivate their existing employees.

Professionals feel that businesses need to put great interest into motivating their employees and keeping them engaged with the business. Conditions for employees need to be improved to make employees feel happier within the business. Otherwise, workers will continue to do the bare minimum until they eventually find other work which they would prefer.

A focus on employee mental health will really assist organisations in retaining employees.

How can employees prevent workers from quiet quitting?

With the cost of living crisis causing stress among workers, businesses have a responsibility to acknowledge employees’ wider circumstances. By building a strong company culture for your business, you can create higher worker morale and therefore in return employees will begin quiet quitting because fewer workers will feel dissatisfied.

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Posted by: Branwell Ford